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Feb 12, 2006
Central New Hampshire
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I started in on my one-hitch-does-ten-jobs the other day. I wanted a hitch reciever for my 3ph, but figured i'd do one better. Looked at alot of others on this site.... stole a few ideas, and i'm gonna add a few of my own. I'm thinking i won't paint it any time soon, as i want to make sure all the bugs are worked out first. No point in cutting and welding after a nice paint job, right?


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I have two recievers welded in to it now, but i'm putting a third above the top link. It may sound like overkill, but i have different plans for each one. It started out as just a hitch to tow my splitter around the yard, but you know how it is when one thing leads to another. It needs a few more braces and more holes, but i wanted to make a test fit before i went any further. I'm making a rack to go on it, like the ones you see on the back of all the SUVs going up the highway friday evening.... with three coolers bungeed on the rack. Mine will pivot and lock up in a 90 degree position, as some of the store bought ones do. Mine will be a bit deeper than the store bought ones, so i can get two rows of 16" firewood on mine.


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This way, i will (in theory) be able to carry wood on the rack, and still tow the splitter back to the barn. Then... with my pintle in one of the two lower recievers, i will be able to drag logs over to my wood pile. Putting the rack up in the third reciever, and locking it in the "up" position, will make a steel mesh safety screen behind me, protecting me from anything flinging up at me when dragging logs, or pulling small stumps.


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I like the way that you put one receiver through the upright. Most is not all of the factory made units that I have seen always, have them tacked on. The way you did it would have to be much stronger. That is the way that I have always thought that I would like to make one. Good Job
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After i reinforce the top, i plan on making an adjustable position boom pole. It will slide into the top of the three by three, and pin in place. I don't think I have a heavy enough tractor to lift too much with it, but i'm confident it will come in handy sooner or later. I've had thoughts of a small winch on it, but that may come later. I can also make a gooseneck ball mount for the top, though..... i don't own a gooseneck trailer at this time. Thoughts for the future. I'm ordering scarifier teeth for a box blade, and a ripper (or scarifier if you'd prefer)
will be one of the next attachments i will fab for my hitch. And.... last but not least, i will most likely make some type of stand to slide into the bottom reciever... so when not in use, it will stand on its own. Its already heavy enough to not want to carry around any more than i have to. With all other attachments being removeable, it should keep it manageable to move by hand if needed.


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So far, i have spent:

$23 draw bar
$13.50 x 3 for hitch recievers
$61 in steel (haven't used most of it yet)
$free 3x3 steel (nice having friends in the steel fab business)
$10 couple misc. hitch pins
$ free use of my friend Jon's plasma cutter and mig welder (thanks Jon !! I owe ya another one !)

Anyone have any thoughts on what else should be added ??

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Thanks ! I owe thanks to my friend Jon, he cut the hole for the reciever so tight, we had to tap it in place with a hammer. He did a great job! Also, the bottom is notched so there is more weld area than just butting the reciever against the bottom of the 3x3. It should be stronger than it needs to be (i hope) ! I'll post more pics as it evolves.
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<font color="blue"> I'll post more pics as it evolves. </font>
Looking forward to them. I always appreciate items that are well made.
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Man, I like that.
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</font><font color="blue" class="small">( ............
Anyone have any thoughts on what else should be added ??

Scott )</font>

A very nice job and looks well built. Is the top link fixed to your hitch at that height? I only ask as it seems positioned a little high as in maybe hits your seat back?

Certainly not knocking your work as it looks to be better built that most products available on the it's more versatile.