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Tony H

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Mar 18, 2013
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Friends L3540 starves for fuel sometimes. At one point it really bogged down and stalled. The Fuel Filter is replaced once a year and it looked clear when the Stall happened. We pulled the Fuel line off from Filter to Tank. almost no fuel ran out. We back blew the line and now tractor is happy. Obviously we blew the clog free from the Bottom of the Tank or at the fuel line. Is there a small mesh filter in the bottom of the tank or is whatever clogged the flow large enough to clog the fuel line? The bogging down of the engine does come back from time to time so I think I should pull the tank, empty and flush.
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My bx2200 has developed a problem where the engine seems to starve for fuel as the rpm (by ear) falls off and then recovers but shortly after, the same thing happens. I have replaced the air filter and both inline fuel filters. I can hear the electric fuel pump ticking prior to starting the engine. Reading Tony H's post, I suspect that my bx has a similar problem. Can anyone tell me how I can confirm this and if the fuel tank is the problem, how do I fix it? Thanks
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Not sure if there is a screen in the tank or not. Sounds to me like there might be some type of debris in the tank that finds its way to the fuel outlet port and plugs it up from time to time. I'd pull the tank and dump it thru a strainer then add a little more fuel, shake and dump again. Whatever is in there should come out.
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My brother had to remove the tank on our BX and clear debris as blowing back through the lines only helped a few days.
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I guess the reason for my question was this. I realize there is a floating blockage. just not sure if it is a small thing that sometimes builds up on an in-tank screen or if it's something larger that can't pass through a 1/4-3/8 fuel line.
Yes George, pulling and dumping and back-flushing will resolve it no matter what, but I was just wondering about the Screen more then the way to resolve the clogging.