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Nov 24, 2012
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I only have 19 PTO HP. I have not been able to find a unit small enough to work on my JD. Is anyone aware of one?

Today I tried operating the tractor by moving in reverse and I cannot do it safely so a conventional rear blower is not going to work for me.

I can put a JD front blower on my machine but even used ones are going for high prices. The other negative is the need to remove the FEL and I prefer not to do that.

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No point in even looking any further as the smallest pull type snow caster will not work with your mule as you need double the horse power.

Why is it you cannot use a rear mount???????????????????????????????????????????? Is the JD a manual transmission mule??????

A Pronovost rear mount or an Allied Farm King snow caster are your best basic snow thrower in a 48 inch width.

Several of the members use truck mirrors to work while in reverse clearing snow or they use rear mounted remote cameras.

SO you can either invest in junk lawnmower that you can mount a snow caster on along with a set of chains and use it just for snow OR invest in a Pronovost snow caster or an Allied Farm King snow caster OR just purchase the largest walk behind snow caster you can buy in CANADA which is the Yamaha 1332 walk behind snow caster.

If you buy a Yamaha 1332 you can purchase it with no issues as it is for personal use and cross the border with it with no issues

OR you can purchase a Bercomac motorized unit that will be chained to the bucket of the loader and spend more money on it than a Yamaha 1332 from a Canadian dealer.

Purchasing a berocmac front mount is an option but it still needs a mounting frame and it may cost as much as a Yamaha 1332 walk behind tracked snow caster with steering brakes.
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I had a 59" JD front blower on my old 855. It would handle it well enough 99% of the time. You can overwhelm most anything if you push it too hard. If you can find one of the 47" blowers it will work well. Just take more passes.

Even the smaller 48" and 50" rear 3pt blowers can be overwhelmed if you try to do too much too fast.

I'm sure you can find the blowers easy enough. The correct mounting hardware, driveshaft and all will likely be the hard part to find. Make yourself very familiar with the mounting hardware as many sellers are not correct when saying what models there hardware fits.

On my old 855, FEL on or off was an easy 10 minutes, after the first time.