Skyco Ospho for neutralizing rusted surfaces.

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Gale Hawkins

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Sep 20, 2009
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Skyco Ospho for neutralizing rusted surfaces

After we got the 2"x6" wood cut off of our 16' flat dump we found more rust than I wanted to see on the bed framing. Nothing that is a structural issue but I want to stop the rusting before we cover it with 3/16" sheet steel that will keep the frame out of the weather forever or at least a long time.

I went to Tru-Value hardware to get some Rust Reformer in the liquid form in plastic bottles but now it is only in rattle cans so the guy sold me on Ospho because it was only $18.99 for a gallon that will do 600 sq. ft.

It states is does not have to be painted and I was wondering how it holds up unpainted in the weather and in the dry (frame under the steel decking). I am thinking of applying it with a small pressure sprayer. Thank for any thoughts.

I would like to do both buckets on the backhoe and other tools that start rusting after losing some paint.
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I used it on an approximately 1 foot square area of a well rusted 55 gal oil drum about a year ago. Just using up what was left in a cup that I'd used for painting a tractor part that lives in the garage. I use the drum as a quickie welding work bench. I am amazed that the area I painted is still rust free after sitting outside and otherwise unprotected for that period of time. With a coat of good quality paint I'd guess it would be almost bulletproof.
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I would still paint over it as a separate layer of protection.
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Thanks. It sounds like good stuff based on your test. I agree painting would make it last longer especially if it was subject to the rain.
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We finally applied Ospho on the dump bed frame after removing the treated wood (that caused major rusting issues. It is drying now but I think it is a winner. It goes on well using a two gallon plastic pressure sprayer. If you have a trailer or truck bed with treated wood keep an eye open for rust issues. This truck is 25 years old and the one we removed was the second bed. Dirt that fell through the cracks and stayed wet all winter did not help. We now have the hydraulics crud flushed out, new fluid, hoses and resealed the leaking shafts on the pump and put grease fittings back in the U joints and got them freed up and all re-installed. After the first coat dries I will spray on the second coat and get it to the welding shop. I will have to retouch it after the steel flooring is applied but it was a lot easier to clean it up and coat it with Ospho with no decking installed. I will decide if I am going to pain the bottom side or just recoat from time to time. I think it is all I will use on the top side because paint is going to wear off hauling gravel.
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Reckon that'd work for repainting a metal shed? My very old 10'x10' shed has some surface rust. I've had this thing for over 35 years, still holding my stuff great, so I want to keep it going more years.
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MacLawn it will leave it with a dark to black finish that will last for a while but in your case it would be good to paint it the color that worked for you. It sprays on OK in temps 36F> and does not require painting soon but does need to dry for 24 hours before painting (could be longer in cold weather) but not at your down south location I guess. :)

At $20 a gallon at our local Tru-Value hardware store I am going to spray all our equipment parked outside. I hit the back blade on the Box Blade late yesterday and it looks great. It took 15 seconds.

At the Tru-Value it is setting right next to Rust Reformer that now is only in expensive spray cans. A $10 pressure sprayer is all you need for Ospho. Read up on the product and see what you think.
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We got the 16' repaired dump bed (dump frames cracks 2' from rear when it had a tommy gate installed) with new 3/16's steel plate vs the old treated 2x wood deck (that stuff will eat on steel frame by the way) and I wanted to prime it on both sides and on all the welds with Skyco Ospho and had less than a gallon left.

Found one gallon at local Tru-Value today but was told it was being discontinued from the warehouse but will work to confirm this. I can get it for $37 shipped from Amazon but it is currently $18.99 a gallon jug at the local Tru-Value.

Loving already having a steel bed vs the old wood 2x8 flooring that let dirt/sand/water lead to a mess. The guy beefed up the bed framing and did a great repair job and built me a nice look step and mounted it under the step fuel tank so I do not have to carry a step stool any longer.