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Jul 29, 2013
Sacramento, California
Kubota B21
I made this in a morning by cutting standard steel shapes to size and drilling holes. I tried it out tonight. In a few seconds it took apart a small but tough stump and roots that the bucket had just bounced off. Will try it on larger stumps in the lawn after the ground dries out.

Photo 1 - the main parts are 1/2"x8" flat bar for the sides and 1.5 square tubing for spacers using 1" hardened bolts to hold everything together.
Photo 2 - the ripper is a standard box blade shank. It is held in position by a short piece of 3" square tube, spacers, and 1/2" hardened bolts.
Photo 3 - main dimensions and orientation of the ripper is about the same as the factory bucket.
Photo 4 - curled up. the pins are factory Kubota.
Photo 5 - extended. the retainer rings are 1.5" OD x 1" ID DOM tubing.
Photo 6 - demolished this small stump in seconds with minimal soil disturbance.

I set out to make the ripper as simply and cheaply as I could. The hardened bolts cost about $30, the shank was $13, and the steel about $30.


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That looks great and it works great. Nice job brother
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Simple and effective - nice work
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Nice job! I love my Bro-Tek ripper tooth, but yours is much more cost effective.
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That is very nice work
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Thanks folks appreciate the comments. I meant to add that one reason I built it this way is the shank can be doubled up (two in parallel) for a narrow trenching tool, I have a water line project coming up.
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Great fabrication work.
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Nice fabrication project! Looks like you made all your measurements right...
Will you weld your square tubing and bushings?
This ripper will be excellent at clearing saplings and small pine trees:)
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Thanks for the note - no plans for welding. I tightened the 1" bolts with a 40 inch breaker bar, seems plenty sturdy.