Shuttle, hydraulic shuttle, glide shift?

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We have a L3830 GST, knock on wood no issues to date, no clutching needed to change gears or directions.
I do stop before changing directions, it's around 1500 hours IIRC.

Aaron Z
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I should have called it a hydraulic shuttle on my L 4150. Does John Deere call it a power reverser? Do they still make glide shift transmissions? Or hydraulic shuttles on smaller Kubotas 40+ hp?
Glide shift transmissions are still available on some sub 50 HP Kubota models.

Hydraulic shuttle transmissions are not available on models smaller than M models.
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The hydraulic shuttle has 2 hydraulic clutches, 1 forward and 1 reverse. When you move the lever, you're controlling a selector valve.
The glide shift has one hydraulic clutch and synchronized gears. When you move the lever, you're operating a valve that dumps the clutch pressure, shifting gears, and operating a valve to reengage the clutch. The nice thing about the glide shift is that everything is synchronized. My 8 speed has a 4 speed gearbox, a hi-lo section, and reverser section, all synchronized. You can shift 1-8 seamlessly. The 8-speed is all hydro-mechanical, no electrics. The newer 12F8R has some solenoids involved.
Hydrostatic tranny's have replaced the glideshift in most of the 40 hp and below Kubotas, but I think it's available in one or two model L's.
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L4240 GST here. Like mentioned above, can change direction or gear on the go. I’ve never used the clutch. 1200+ hours. From my research here they are supposedly very reliable and long lived transmissions.
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Sounds like you do a lot of loader work with shuttling forward to reverse - I would recommend the wet clutch shuttle shift as found on the M series. It has two wet packs - one each direction - and will do an excellent job in shuttle work. There is also a M series mechanical shuttle but you will have to clutch to change directions.

The glide shift is a gear drive with a wet clutch - the old units (pre Grand L / 2006) are all mechanical and the later ones are electronic controlled. Both are very good but not that popular unless you need to shift under load while moving. Again based on what I hear you say I would get a wet shuttle on a M series - lots were sold in western states.