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Feb 28, 2005
Central Square, NY
Any LS owners bought a seat cover for their tractor seat?
I am looking for one to fit my seat to keep it clean. I'm still using the original plastic but it won't last forever.
I did a search a few days ago and found this site but they don't list seat sizes or prices.

COVERALLs Mid Back Seat Cover Black/Blue / 123.0371

My seat is roughly 18"W x18"L x18"H (medium size cover?) and has armrests.
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That looks interesting but, here the black part would be pretty hot in summer. Curious on other colors and price?
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That company only has 3 colors. Black/Black, Black/Gray, and Black/Blue.
I don't think being black would be that hot being inside a cab. Factory seat is light gray which will easily become black if I don't keep it covered. 90% of the time when using the tractor my clothes are dirtier than the inside of the cab.
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I have a black seat on my g3033, and it gets hot as heck when the sun hits it. If anyone comes across a grey seat cover, please let us know, I'm all in.
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George, I think the seat on your XR3037HC is same as seat on my XR4046HC?

Let us know if you get feedback on fit from supplier?
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Yes, I think all the seats on the 3000/4000 series cab models are the same. Maybe even the 3100/4100 cabs too.
I've emailed a few suppliers to get sizes of their covers. Will post back when / if I get replies.
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Seems like a seat cover over a perfectly good seat is not a good idea. I've done it, only to find that it trapped dirt between the cover and the seat and caused more wear than if you just kept the original seat clean.

If the cover is shot anyway, a seat cover makes sense to get some more life out of the seat.

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The company I linked to in post 1 replied back with a quote of $86 plus shipping and it must be shipped to a commercial dock. They did not reply to my inquiry about what size seat these covers fit. They claim a universal fit on the site.
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Maybe try the universal seat covers at your nearest big box automotive section? Most take returns if you don't like the fit.

My local Sam's had a 2 pack made from black/gray neoprene (wetsuit like material) on clearance for $10-15. It fit poorly bit and needed adjusting occasionally but did a GREAT job of keeping mud, grease, etc. off that light gray fabric. Seat almost looks new after 2 years. Oh, and despite the color it was never uncomfortably hot.
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Older thread, but wondering if anyone has come up with a cover that works yet?