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Sep 23, 2003
Kubota MX5800
I've got a Kubota MX5800 & also have a tandem axle 7k landscape / utility trailer that weighs 1,825 lbs. Can my MX safely pull this trailer up / down a gravel driveway w/ semi-steep hill? Worried about power to pull it up & braking going down...
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What are you pulling on the trailer? That's a 60 HP tractor that weighs 3700 pounds. If the trailer has brakes, connect them up. If the tractor won't pull that trailer you probably need to get a new tractor.
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Is the trailer loaded to capacity (7k) during this trip or is it empty? Use FWD as it will provide traction and will allow the rear brakes to apply to the front wheels for 4 wheel braking.
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It's a tractor and a driveway, try it when the trailer is empty, drive slowly under nice dry conditions. Proceed with caution, only YOU know your pucker factor.
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Tongue weight will be your friend till it gets to be to much and bends the drawbar.
I've pulled trailers up my driveway with the tractor that my pickup spun out trying to pull up with, with a Branson 8050 she does dress out at close to or a bit over 10,000#.
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I'm seeing the trailer as empty given the information provided, in which case you can pull that trailer all day and twice on Sunday.
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Try it,that's how we found out.
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You should have no issues. Use 4wd because that will allow your front tires to aid in braking
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Thanks guys, tractor is almost always in 4wd here in the mountains. The 1,825 lbs. is the trailers empty weight. Trailer has brakes but my MX doesn't have a 7 pin connector. Wanted to do a hay ride w/ the kiddos but will do a few dry runs 1st & see how it does. Do drawbars bend that easy? Seems like that sucker is SOLID.
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Simple to add break controller if you are concerned, and if tractor has no brake lights or 7 pin connector, just add universal brake light switch to brake linkages and appropriate wiring...