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Sep 17, 2009
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I am working on a '89 RX75. I have a parts book but not the manual. I have 3 springs that I have to replace but not sure where they go. The parts book shows where one side goes but not the other. One spring goes on the parking brake lever, one spring goes to the brake rod, and the last hooks up to the lever that tensions the mowing deck belt.
Also I am having trouble with the neutral safety switch that comes out of the transmission.
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Nobody has a RX75?:confused:
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I had one. It was a really nice mower. Can't help with the springs, but I had the same trouble with the switch.
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Found the problem with the blade safety switch circuit.:thumbsup: Got a book from library that had circuit diagram. Seat switch itself was ok, but there was tape on the wires going back to harness. Removed tape, saw wires and insulation were torn up. spliced in new wire, fixed insulation and all is OK:)
Now for the springs ...