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Feb 10, 2011
I had a guy tell me the other day that he knew a guy that had a few farmall h and m's back in the 40's. He had a few young kids that could not reach the pedals. The kids really liked running the tractors. He would let them run tractors. They could not reach far enough to shut it off. He would tie a peice of rope on the coil wire and route it back the tractor and tie it around the kids waist. The kid would go out mowing and they if they fell off the tractor it should shut off kind of like a tether on a bike but it would have probably still ran over them. The kid was also instructed to pull on the rope if they got into trouble. The guy that was telling me this story said that the family passed this down and they were doing it up through the 60's.

I don't recommend doing this I just thought it was funny.
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hmm.. i wonder about the H.

the on/off is right near the steering wheel....

can't say on an M
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I think he said H I know he said M. I think he said the kids were like 4 or 5 so they may have not been able to reach it.
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I think the switch is on the steering colum. Not 100% sure though.
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Sounds like the dad was lacking a few brain cells. If the rope was long enough to reach from the seat to the coil wire if a kid fell off they would be under the tire before the tractor stopped. My dad (and grandfathers too) had a basic rule of thumb: if you couldn't operate the controls easily then you couldn't operate the machine.

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I think the switch is on the steering colum. Not 100% sure though.

i gotta go walk out and look at mine.. however on my H i know you can get to the swtich while seated.. IE.. it's right around the steer wheel somewhere.

if a kid could pull on a rope thay could sure reach a key.

My C is the same way. there just isn't much in the way of electrics / dash on them farmalls.. just a lil box and small area for key and gauges and whatnot..

will go look tonight when i get off work.
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Dad was an IH dealer so I got to see a lot of H's and M's over the years as I got the dirty parts of the overhaul jobs. The were inconsistent in their consistency. Different switch positions over the years.lots of customer mods over the years also kept me hoping so an emergency cut-off device that worked on one might not have a chance on another.
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I believe in kids learning and being involved but 4 or5 years old is way to young and that father was way to stupid. My son was combining when he was 10 or 12 and after the fact realize that was to young even in a cab.