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A few years ago I bought this one from Amazon. The reason is I bought an F150 farm truck, great but owner was a heavy smoker. This ozone generator did the trick.
I've used it in garage after floor got wet (mildew) and worked great. I've also used it in the house. Caution though!: It kills insects, and destroys odors but I set it and leave! In the house I move pets out first...then set it and leave immediately. After it's off a few hours I step inside with a mask and open windows in every room. Same with garage or car.
I'm very happy with this one, it works well.
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I've had an ozone generator in a hot tub since about '95 (same hot tub, replaced the wood structure of the tub 15 years ago and the ozone generator about 10 years ago). Even the small amount of ozone it generates keeps the tub clean with no other chemicals. There's a bit of an ozone stink/burn in your sinuses if you open it and breathe in but it's not bad (and no where near as bad as chlorine!).

If it was me, I'd give the ozone a try especially if you can find a rental machine.
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Note that BBQ charcoal isn't the kind of charcoal people are usually talking about when the discussion is about eliminating odors.
BBQ charcoal briquettes often have a lot of coal, limestone, starch, borax, nitrates, sawdust, wax, chaff in them; the actual charcoal you want for odors is often sold in small bags for hanging, but you can also get "lump charcoal" which is often "all natural hardwood" (eg Chigger Creek All Natural Lump Charcoal 20 lb - Ace Hardware) and it'll probably work a lot better than bbq briquettes.
That's what I tried. A whole bag did nothing.
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I am no expert but I believe there are ozone generators for household use that run continuously and there are those industrial strength ones for commercial use. The one we used was apparently an industrial strength one. I believe a person who spent the night in a bedroom with that thing running would wake up dead the next morning. I wouldn't buy one, just something else to store that would get used once every ten-twenty years. I would find one of the strong ones and rent it for a couple days.

That's not correct. No ozone generator should you be spending time in the same building as.
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That's not correct. No ozone generator should you be spending time in the same building as.
True, people & pets. I also understand ozone is bad for rubber. Ozone cracking.