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Apr 10, 2014
Perry Cty, Pennsylvania
Kioti 2014 CK2510 TLB
I don't know if this has been asked and answered but do the Kioti tractors have a Rev Limiter? Both my cars do (both gas engines) and they cut out before red line.

I usually run at the arrow for 540 PTO rpm but I know it will rev higher. There is no red line on the tach.
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I don't know if there is a rev limiter or not, I run mine at wide open throttle if I am using the front end loader or other ground engaging equipment. When using PTO driven equipment, then I run it at the 540 PTO rpm. I think the main thing is not to lug the engine, otherwise I think these engines are made to operate at their max rpm.
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I would assume that the governor is set to maintain rpm to match throttle setting up to the max rpm setting.
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Yes, the Kioti engine utilizes a governor system.
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If it's a Common Rail engine, they will most likely do it electronically, both idle speed and rev limiter.
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OK thanks for the info. I'm familiar with governors and their operation from small engine equip like my roto tiller and pressure washer.

To be honest I've never pushed the throttle to the stop. And sometimes it will lug when I'm driving up a slight hill (like my driveway) in high with no load. Since it's a HST I back off the forward until it recovers and go up slower. I do all work (digging, grading, blading, mowing) in low gear.
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Do you at least run at 540 pto speed?