Removing boom cylinder from Woods loader

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Jun 10, 2005
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2013 Kubota L3200DT
25 year old Kubota L2650 with Woods 1009 loader. Left side has a leak in the boom cylinder but I’ve been told it is best to get them both done at the same time.

Do I remove the FEL from the tractor before removing the boom cylinders? Or is that best left with the FEL attached and just remove one at a time?

I can’t find any specific guidance (don’t have the original manual either).
I can jack it up a bit if needed, but I’m sure some of you have done this before so…. :)
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Keep the loader on the tractor and also, break loose the glands of the cylinders while they're attached to the loader. This is a lot easier than fighting a stubborn gland with the cylinder being held on a vise or something.

Make sure the loader is sitting on the ground with all the pressure relieved. You should able to pull both cylinders without any issue.
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Put your forks on the loader and jam the forks straight down into the ground to have more access. I have done this also with a wooden fork pallet with a 2x6 added on the pallets center and just put the forks down, kinda overcentered into the 2x6 for changing the water pump and hoses.
I leave the hydraulic cylinder tube attached to the tractor and just remove the rod and ram with all seals.
Loosen the gland nut, pull the pin on the rod, let the cylinder hang straight down and pull the rod out.
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   / Removing boom cylinder from Woods loader
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That answers my question so that’s where I start.

I’ll be bringing them to a local hydraulics shop that has rebuilt some of my others in the past.

Thanks for the quick replies!