Reflash 1538

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Nov 3, 2016
Newton County, Texas
1951 IH cub, International 254 and 1538 Mahindra Towable Backhoe
1538 Mahindra
At 130 hours the Check engine light started flashing. I put my OBD Reader on it and it showed Alarm P1801, called my dealer and they could not give Me any information except the standard bring it in. So I loaded it up and carried it to the dealer. Basically it needed to be reflashed with Mahindra update.
Now temperature and glow plug indicators work correctly.
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Yeah my temp gauge didn't register at all before the ECU was reflashed. Mahindra needs to come up with a better way to do this. There is absolutely no need to haul a tractor in just to reflash the ECU. Reflashing automotive ECUs are done on cars all the time via the same OBDII port.