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Feb 12, 2006
Central New Hampshire
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Howdy orange room. Tomorrow i pick up my new-to-me B2400. I would like to add a loader to it, and i'd like some free advice. Stopped at the local dealer today, and they recommended an LA 352 FL. I'm not nuts about the tubular brace that runs across the cowl. Since they claimed the B2400 shares the same chassis as the 7410, 7510, 7610, and probably others, i suspect i have more options than just the LA 352. Could some of you in the know recommend the best loader for my tractor, and it doesn't necessarily need to be a Kubota brand loader. Also.... if you know prices, i'd appreciate that also.

I plan to keep my current Woods BH6000 and put it on the B2400. My dealer says woods lists no 4 point mount for the B2400, but says the mount for a 7410,7510, etc. should work, and claimed this was backup up by tech support @ Woods. Can anyone confirm this? He approximated the kit @ $900.

Thanks for your help !!
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I had the LA352 loader on a B7610.It was O.K. and worked good,except
for the control valve freezing up in the winter.I also had a Woods Ground-
Breaker 6500 on the same B7610....that REALLY worked good.Much heavier
built than the Kubota equivelent.It was mounted on the tractor with a sub frame which is O.K. except for ground clearance,but it does take alot of the stress off the tractor.
Anyway,i'd check out what Woods has to offer.You might be suprised
with what you find.I may be wrong but i have heard the Woods has a higher lift capacity.Good Luck............Digger2
P.S.-The tubular brace.....i personally did'nt mind it.
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The LA352 works just fine; that what's on mine. It will be required to use a backhoe on the 2400. Sometimes a couple of hundred pounds are required in the loader bucket if you're going uphill with the backhoe on that tractor. The loader has really good visibility and the brace really isn't a factor. If it bothers you, it's only bolted on and could be removed if the loader always stayed on the tractor. Loader removal would be a disaster without it. I haven't experienced the freeze up problem. SteveV
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I have a 352 on my B2410. No freeze up issues, and I use my tractor all winter. As far as the brace across the hood, I find it to be a non-issue. The only time it is any bother is it can obstruct a larger sized funnel a little when you fill up. Actually, I use the brace all the time to pull my lazy self up when I stand on the operators platform.

As far as the backhoe, I'm pretty sure Woods made a subframe mount for that hoe for the B2410. There should be no difference to the 2400. I use a Kubota reinforcement frame and the three point for a 7' backhoe on mine. No issues in over 4 years of ownership.
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Thanks guys. The brace just looked like a total afterthought on Kubotas part, which would be a bad sign to me. I was afraid it may interfear with a curtis cab i'm daydreaming about, but i'll cross that bridge when i come to it.
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I don't believe it interferes with the Curtis Cab. I've seen cabs on these sized tractors before. I think Sims might also make a cab for it.
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I'm happy with the LA352 on my B2400. Not sure if the Woods or others are compatible with the MMM.
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I'll add another endorsement of the Kubota LA-352 Loader. It's mounted on my B7610 that I've had for just over a year now. I've been amazed at the capability of my little tractor/loader combination.

I can dig out and move rocks that I thought would be impossible for a 1,400 pound tractor. I've also pushed over 6" hardwood trees and dug up the stumps without much difficulty.

Regarding the brace, it appears to add strength to the loader assembly. It hasn't bothered me at all. In fact, as stated above, it makes a nice handle to use when pulling myself up out of the tractor seat.

I have some pictures on my computer at home of a B7610/LA-352 with a really nice heated Sims or Curtis cab on it, so I don't think the loader will impact your cab dreams. I'm not sure how to post pictures on this site, but if you e-mail me at, I'd be happy to send you the pictures that I have of the cab-equipped B7610.

I wouldn't hesitate to purchase the LA-352 if you find a decent price.