Real gasoline for $1+ a gallon from NG?

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Sep 20, 2009
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OK I found myself home alone doing some internet reading. After I went out and feed the animals and took a 1/2 mile walk I called my outside work DONE. :)

For a year or two I have heard an energy breakthrough coming that was going to make the USA very productive again but I dismissed until OPEC recently tossed in the towel. That action made not sense to me over the past month and I filled up for $2.33 last night. One who was on the road this week stated she filled up for $2.07.

Of all things i watched an infomercial from someone selling a news letter but I listened to it while doing other stuff. While it is a lot of BS it did give be a background and a place to start researching. I do not suggest you listen to you unless you just want to. He only talks like there is one company with the technology to turn natural gas into fuel tank ready gasoline for our current gas burners. Below is a break down in print of the video and names the South African company did by someone so we do not have to watch it and guess who he is talking about.

More on USA plants being built by this South African company.
First U.S. Plant to Make Gasoline and Diesel Fuel from Natural Gas | ChEnected

Here is a real article about another company doing it today.
Siluria turns natural gas into gasoline for $1 per gallon - SFGate

Here is another article about the above CA based company.
Siluria Promises Half-Price Gasoline from Natural Gas | MIT Technology Review

You can read a lot of money is been spent in the USA and other parts to turn the over supply of NG to gasoline ready to burn in our current gas vehicle without any modifications. I would not bet on the price staying low but if they can figure out to a way to make gasoline from the NG that is just being flared today that would be great. Does anyone know where the 650 acre plant is being built in GA?
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Georgia was mentioned on the video I watched but not one article I have found mentioned a GA plant.

I do hope the process is profitable. Even it it was the same production cost as from crude it would permit the stopping of flaring as much as we do today. We could even not have to import in the future. If we do not import that means our dollars are changing hands INSIDE of our country.

A couple days ago I was talking to a guy in TX and he expects the drilling to active for another 10 years.
   / Real gasoline for $1+ a gallon from NG?
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It is hard to think energy prices are really headed down for the near future but the subject is getting some international attention. The main theme seems to be to shut down the USA oil drilling boom by OPEC. Their jacked up prices opened the window for USA oil producers, wind and solar sources it seems.

New era of cheap oil 'will destroy green revolution' - Environment - The Independent

U.A.E. Sees OPEC Output Unchanged Even If Oil Price Drops to $40 - Bloomberg