Rail roads and their tracks.

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Not exactly a photo of Railroad tracks, but I picked up a section of rail and some spikes and hardware and made an Anvil.



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Lower weight/loading per axle and enough electric motor power from two axle motors per truck. Has been common on diesel passenger locos since way back, often to increase route availability on older lines.
I'm not sure how far back the arrangement was used, but the EMD E series of locomotives also used A1A-A1A wheel arrangements, as the were basically the power trains of two F series units on one longer chassis. Advancements in the power ratings of traction motors using AC technology has allowed a 4,400HP prime mover power four traction motors.
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I guess nothing dangerous on board, or it would have caught fire ?? :cool:
What a statement.
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SEPTA, Philadelphias mass transit company just cancelled or suspended it’s order of like $180 million dollars worth of Chinese railcars because they’re junk.

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Caught East Penn on the switch yesterday hauling lumber and some graffiti covered box cars.




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Good place for a switch..is that an old semaphore mast hiding in the tree's ?