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Mar 19, 2008
Would you buy this tractor, configured this way, for this price?



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well, okay. Personally I wouldn't waste my money on cruise control for a tractor IMO unless you plan to mow 20 acres of wide open land, just seems silly to me. No mention what use the tractor will be put to so it would be difficult to express an opinion. For mowing and a some rototilling for example turf tires are fine. And personally I love the imatch hitch, it eliminates that stupid spacer bar and makes 3 pt implement hookup a snap, literally. If you were doing a little light dirt work and snow plowing I like the HDAP tires.
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No mower; no front-end loader - no attachments??

And 12.8% off MSRP?

What are you planning to do with the tractor?

I'd bet that there are better deals to be made - with another dealer... And that dealer might be even more willing to make a deal - if there are a couple of attachments thrown in as part of the package!


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I agree about the cruise. I have a 2305 and I can't say I've missed cruise control. I generally mow flat out in high range most of the time.

The i-Match is great.

Also, why are you getting the high capacity alternator? You don't need it unless there is something you are planning on hooking up.

I have the stock 20 and have the 2 JD (35 watts each) forward lights and a 55 watt rear work light in addition to the stock headlights and the 20amp alt runs all that fine without discharging the battery.

If you were going to put on a cab with a heater/blower and some wipers maybe you'd need the 35 amp alt but not for what you have speced.

As previous posters asked, what will be the use? What else will you be putting on it? Loader, etc.?

Also, the Turfs are probably very nice, but I have R4's on my 2305 and unless I was driving on the lawn after a 6" of rain downpour I won't leave marks and my tires are loaded and I mow with the loader frame (560lbs) on.

I do run Turfs on my 3720cab but that's almost 6000lbs mowing weight.
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IMO, I think that there are better deals to be had.:)
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12.8% off MSRP isn't too bad (IMHO). However, you don't have attachments yet. I concur with the others that you can ditch the cruise and may be able to lose the bigger alternator.

You're pretty close though, 15% is a good target to shoot for. At this price point you're within a couple hundred bucks.

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I'd ditch the alternator and cruise (especially). I suspect you already have some implements to use it with? Do tell...
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The OP may have good reason for the cruise control. I added it to mine when I bought it 2 years ago and use it frequently when I mow. I have long runs to make (1500') without turning and it allows me to take my foot off of the padals and relax a little. After sitting on the tractor for 4 or 5 hours, I have enough trouble walking.
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The other components in the original quote.

The tractor will be used for loading/moving mulch, compost, sand, etc.; mowing orchards -- pear trees, pecan trees, ornamental trees (flowering), etc.; tilling small garden plots, flower beds, lawns (spotty) for reseeding, etc.

I have no means of transporting the tractor .... there's about 0.2 miles between the 2 acre house, yard and "gardens" and the 44 acres of "fields."

Hope this helps with deliberations.

BTW not being able to travel (no truck, no trailer) there's ONLY one JD Dealer with five locations in the eastern half of SC. I live in about the middle of the area.



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