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Considering the always rising cost of electricity, if I were you, I'd explore alternate and less costly alternatives if you have alternative fuels available.
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A better link is this:
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Those work, but I would never use one in a shop with solvents, fuels, or dust. I think the fire risk is significant compared to a ceramic style heater that has lower temperature elements or an oil heater.

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Just had a house roast down the road a ways from a malfunctioning electric garage heater. Burned it to the ground.
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Sounds like I won't be looking at this option any more!
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1475 watts won’t heat anything not right under it. It certainly wont heat a space. You’d need at least 220v to do that, and even then electric would be weak
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I'd definitely prefer some type of heated oil option to anything quartz or electric filament style. Every time I see an electric quartz or filament style heater, I cringe at the fire hazard. I understand they all have tip-over protection, but what about a piece of cloth or paper laying up against it?

Edit: Of course, I say this while I'm sitting in front of a Dearborn gas heater at deer camp. In my defense, we do have a working smoke/CO detector and fire extinguishers. The Dearborn has sat in the same place for 50+ years.
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That's the exact one I bought years ago. Gave it to the SIN as you could only feel it while under it. I ended up putting a 4,500W electric heater in the garage that I don't use unless I have to. You can almost hear the meter spinning when I turn it on.
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I bought a cheap 80,000 btu propane radiant heater last year. Coupled with a 40lb tank, I can get about 23 hours of heat out if it on its lowest setting of about 25k BTU
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I had a propane catalytic heater in a small shed years ago. The amount of moisture it would put in the air covered all my tools with condensation...gave that to the SIN too LOL.