Projects Would Go Faster if Fixing Old Equipment Did Not Take As Much Time.

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Sep 20, 2009
Murray, KY
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Getting into all of old equipment problems in detail can wait but one project I have been trying to do for three years finally got underway. That project is cleaning out some drainage ditches the neighbor had dug with a trackhoe with a 36" bucket about 8 years ago.

I thought I had the 1983 JD 310 BH ready for the task after getting a lot of things fixed/buckets rebuilt/etc working on some house and land clearing projects. First day I got stuck (working in swamp area) and broke a hydralic fitting on the boom with the stablizer that I brought up for no good reason when the hoe was at a full 90 as I was working the rear tires to a solid road way.

Got that fixed but did not realize I should have held the 1.25" block on the internal steel line bending it and messing up the silver solder seal. The guy that rebuilt my buckets fixed it better than new for $10 so I got lucky I did not have to visit JD for that steel line. After trying for hours to get a wrench on the end inside the boom we dropped the front pin of the cylinder at the tractor (which was a simple task in hindsight) and got the line on correctly.

The old 1989 Ford F700 with a 16' flat wood dump bed had a few holes that needed patching, etc. We were working on that and had a plan to get it finished so I could move the dirt from the fields where we cleaned out the neighbor's ditches. The neighbor dug the ditches at his expense (they keep water from running under the church) and since he lets the church use the field behind the church for a ball field I told him I would clean out the ditches that had filled up for the most part.

Last sunday we came home from my sister's picking up a 5.5' trailer from her so we can move out 5' ZTM if needed. Our nice 5' tilt will not handle the 5' ZTM. :( The backhoe looked like it was going to turn over. A rear tire was flat. The new tube was pinched a bit when it was put in the new tire last year and just failed. Got that fixed Thursday and got some Thomson Water Seal on the old patched truck bed.

Yesterday got started on moving the dirt. The truck temp went to zero. It never runs hot but we are doing short hauls and dumping. Grounded the sensor wire to the engine and it when to max reading. Found the right sensor at Autozone at 9 pm closing last night and got that replaced without too much of a mess and it now works. :thumbsup:

It takes like 3 days for the bed to go down after dumping. :(

Googled it last night and learned that was often due to trapped air and that bleeding was messy at best. It is a twin hoist with bleed screws at the top of each cylinder. One turn was too much so we made them 1/2 turn loose.

Now it goes up and down much smoother. A plus was flowing out the trapped air and fluid in the cylinders looked like it was 33 years old so it was good to get newer fluid there. Thankfully we had saved the old BH fluid that we had changed out a few times trying to get the water out and we used it to top off the dump truck. The crud in it needs changing out really bad but now we want to make sure it is working OK and need to get new seals in the pump before we go into that flush and replace of hydraulic fluid.

Unlike the BH a dump truck one way cylinder does not ever seem to empty out or get new fluid ever. The bleeding permits to old to get out since the bleed valves are on the top end of the third stage part of the cylinders.

Well we have eaten and dried out for the most most part in the AC of the house. Now it is time to finish the clean up of the bleed job and start moving dirt again in a pressure cooker enviroment. It has been 80 at night for a long time but starting tomorrow temps hi/lo's are to be about 15F cooler for a while. 65F should make for some nice sleeping.

Looks like we may get a few tenths of rain but our next real shot is a week away. We filled a well with the first load of dirt yesterday at a house place we are cleaning up. I wanted to dig out the 24" tile that was at gound level so that would put the first tile 24" below gound level. I was glad we had new teeth on the hoe bucket. I have never dug in ground that hard it was only about 8 foot above the water table.

One plus in our case of old equipment in my view (not the twins who turn 15 next month) is that they are getting a lot of wrenching experience while they are still around for me to train. :thumbsup:
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Other then a flat on the front of the backhoe we make it until 9 PM. The 800 watt HF generator was still holding the load when we stopped fill at 40 PSI. We start it at no PSI to reduce start up amps requirement. We have the $99 Sears red 120v air compressor.

The F700 was running much better after hauling 12 large loads. We came close to going down on the right side with one load when we got a few feet closer to the swamp than normal. It is not going to happen but I would be OK with a six inch rain now after having this part of this project behind us.