Backhoe Popping in rear end going forward.

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Gale Hawkins

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Sep 20, 2009
Murray, KY
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A guy has a old 310 John Deere backhoe that I guess is 35-40 years old. He reports when going forward he hears a popping but it keeps working and digs just great.

That seems serious to me. Anyone experience something like this or know what could cause the popping in going forward?

I guess one could clear the wheels with the hoe and see what one hears with it spinning in forward?


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I hope there aren't extra gear parts floating in the differential. I would look for an inspection cover or plate to check before it is too late. These noises tend to get worse before they get better.
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Something badly worn or worse,time for inspection before rear end locks up.
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I am going to look at the hoe this morning and thanks for the replies to this point. The guy deals in used equipment and does not know its history but that when loading and unloading one on the ground heard the popping when going forward then he could hear it.

Since it is just 25 miles away the son and I are going to just make a little trip out of it this AM. The owner has a 410 he fixed up and is keeping on the farm and seems to know what JD tractor parts are the same as the JD hoes.

I just do not like crap shots. I do not know JD's but I was on a road trip this week in TX and stopped in a one man dealership and told him I was looking for a 30-40 year hoe and he said stay with a JD 300 or Case 580 line to have the best odds. I have 15 acres I would like to clean up and started looking at a frond end loader for the 265 MF that was the wife's father and they are not cheap new and hard to find used plus I like playing in the dirt so these old hoes got my attention. This old stuff is hard to know about and the new stuff is hard to pay for. :)
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Update: The BH was actually newer than expected (310B maybe) and the engine sounded great and both ends seemed strong and would support its full weight. There was really only one fast drip but it was from the threads of one connection. Both buckets had been worked hard but fairly tight (not sloppy) and all glass except in the side entry doors was in place.

The popping sound was more of a clucking sound to me and about half the right rear lug bolts were loose enough that I could rotate the heavy washers. I found this when he had it up in the air and forward and reverse and was jabbing the brakes. They plan to pull the wheel off and look at things since one lug bolt is missing as well.

I expect it is a solid machine or would be after about 10 hours of going over it well if getting the wheel movement stopped stops the sound coming from the rear end area. I am going to keep looking to see if we can find one with buckets in great condition and not as rough around the edges even if it is older. If I would just pay $11K+ instead of half that amount my taste would be better in line with the BH. :)
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Forget about the popping question since i found one the same year/model about 75 miles down the road and closed on the deal about 9 PM. It is not bend up and welded on like the popper was and for what it is worth (neither hour meter worked) it is showing less than half the hours of the popper.

The straight cutting edge on the loader bucket and the hoe bucket being straight too was a huge plus to me. I hate buckets that look like they were used to blow up bombs. I hope to get it moved home later this week.
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Good for you!! Hope you get good service out of the "non-popper" machine. :) I would agree with you about buckets being bent all to heck. It just really makes me think abuse or mis-use, but that's not always the case.