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Mar 22, 2006
~'88 1872(sold); '08 GT2554
Can someone explain to me what goes on at these things. Just curious as to why someone would put hours and wear and tear on their tractor just to till up someone else's land. Was going to ask this in a forum with plow days in it but thought I might incur some kind of rath ;)
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I think those of us who go to these plow days look at our tractors differently than you do. Most of use have our tractors more as a hobby than a piece of equipment. If you looked at garden tractors like we do, you would have never sold your 1872. We have a lot more with them, than just mowing our grass. Plus it makes for a great social even and you get to meet the people who you chat with on these sites.

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Well. That's what i was looking for. Why people do these.
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They are social events. They are where others can show off their equipment.

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I have a 35hp Branson diesel and not enough chores for it to do. My neighbor had about 10 loads of dirt that needed spreading. A friend of theirs has a tractor, I joking (only half) told their friend that he would have to ride with the dump truck driver if he wanted to beat me to the dirt spreading! :)
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They are much more than a social event, I have seen darn near 100 acres turned by garden tractors ranging from 7hp Cub Cadet Originals to 20-30hp repowered John Deeres and diesel powered GTs like we have. Here are some pics for you all to enjoy. Mike and Michele T





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Looks like fun.
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I used to have a 1782 with a 3-pt and rear PTO, I used the bottom plow and it worked pretty nice. Also had a disc harrow and tiller, they all worked pretty good.
Since yellow is my color, I really like the pic of the line of yellow power....and in the one pic the guy is pulling a double?! wow. nice!
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The double bottom plow is a custom build. Most of the larger cubs and green ones have the power to pull a twin 8" plow bottoms. Its getting that power to the ground that is usualy the issue. Guys have built both trailing 2 bottom plows, and 3pt semi mounted two bottom plows. But the single Brinly moldboard plow, with either a 8, 10 or 12 inch plow share is more common. I pull a 10" sleeve hitch mount plow with my Cub Cadet Original, and a 12" catagory 0 3pt mounted plow on our 782d diesel powered Cub Cadet. Keep in mind, the Original is only 7hp, but with ag tires, a set of IH wheel weights, I have no problem plowing in 1st gear and sometimes can run 2nd depending on soil conditions. Most guys dont mind puttting the hours on thier machines, some only see use at plow days and are not run much otherwise. Most of us do our own repair work and engine overhauling, so its not a real big deal. Most of these older Cub Cadets are found in tired condition, solid tractors, but with smoking or knocking engines. A simple overhaul with new rings, hone out the cylinder bore, or having it rebored if its out of spec, new gasgets and a carb kit is all that is needed to get the older K series Kohlers back to like new operation. I am rebuilding the mower deck for my Original so it can keep cutting the yard. These machines will be cutting yards and taking care of business long after we are all gone, with proper maintance. Cheers Mike and Michele T