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Feb 10, 2011
I recently purchased 2 set of peerless tire chains. I purchased #10165 for a 10-16.5 tire, the front of the L4240. The other set was a 1062256 which was for a 18x8.50-10, the front of the BX2360.

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When I got the chains of the box I noticed the ones for the BX said for 18x9.50-8 and 19x9.50-8. My size was not listed on the box. Their tire chain finder on their website said they were the correct ones. So I got them out and tried them and they were way too wide for my tires. They would have hit the tie rod.

So I thought at least they are too big, I can make them work. I removed 2 links from the each cross chain and got the width right but I needed another cross chain. I looked everywhere and I could not find a cross chain that size. So I decided the best thing to do was to take the chains back. I also contacted peerless about these chains and I was told "please be advised we never made a chain for for a 18x8.50x10."

Here there are with 2 links out of the cross chain.

At the end of the chain it allows the side chain to come in closer to the tie rod, that is why I needed another cross chain.

I got the chains for the 4240 out of the box. There 10-15 sizes listed on the bag that one chain fit, they list 21 sizes on the website. They were very nice looking chains. I really liked the lock that was on them. Then I laid them on the tire and they were too narrow:mur: They really did not come down past the tread. With a a proper tensioner instead of tarp straps it would have pulled them from the inside more.

I think peerless does make some nice chains but they are trying to make one chain fit way too many tires and they probably don't fit any of them right.