Ordered new R-4 16.9 x 24 tires

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Gale Hawkins

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Sep 20, 2009
Murray, KY
1948 Allis Chambers Model B 1976 265 MF / 1983 JD 310B Backhoe / 1966 Ford 3000 Diesel / 1980 3600 Diesel
Well with the price of tires going up and up and my tire dealer (car/truck but not tractor) overing to order in tractor tires at his cost I decided to retire the 310B JD backhoe.

There is a guy who on the side comes out and installs tractor tires that will put them on for a few.

My question is about tube vs tubeless for a back hoe. They are not filled tires nor will be filled. I do not know if they have tubes in them now but ordered tubes just in case to have them at the time of the install.

If there are no tubes installed now would you just go back tubeless? With filled tires I like tubes to contain the liquid but never had a backhoe before. The tubes are $53 each.

They are Deestone 16.9 x 24 10 ply tires.
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I have a John Deere 410B. If I were you, I'd install the tubes. No matter how careful you are, just my the nature of what they do, backhoe tires constantly rub on rocks and stumps. As a result, the rims lips become slightly bent and slowly leak air. And constantly pumping air into a backhoe tire is no fun. I'm glad to see you found 10 ply. You won't see many bald 6 or 8ply backhoe tires since the sidewall usually bursts long before the lugs wear out.
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Thanks. I did order them so to have them on hand. If it has tubes now the kids can use them for water fun.

Our tread is really chewed off but the sidewalks are cracking but still otherwise look fair. When I get on slick grass or working in dirt and get caught in a down pour moving gets hard so I decided to replace them while I can them at my tire store cost.

I was planning to get new R-1 16.9 x 28's for the 265 MF because the side walls are cracking after 35 years but the tread is really great but my brother and the kids talked me out of it.

My brother said with old harden rubber tires he does not have the same problem with flats when bush hogging like he does with fresh gripping tires.
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Your brother knows what he is talking about. I have a 1968 Allis Chalmers B112 still riding on its original OEM tires, it amazes me, the rubber made now is softer, maybe rides better, like anything else I guess.
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Well I will stick with the OEM MF 265 until I have one fail. I have new on the front.

I just picked up the R-4 16.9 x 24's for the back hoe that really needs them due to tread chewed off. :D

The tubes are Firestone and even though the tires are tubeless I plan have them installed anyway.