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May 12, 2013
Got a (97) 4x4 1/2 ton V8 gas Dodge pickup with lots of miles making clanking noise in the transfer case area, anyone know the fix for this besides going to the Dodge dealer? It sounds like this one on youtube if you hear beyound the noisy diesel>> Dodge Ram 25 Cummins 12v Transfer case noises - YouTube
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Most tcases are chain driven. Usually about 4 heavy chains wide. They transfer a lot of torque. I didn't listen to the video but my guess is either a chain issue or one of the sprockets. Youtube should have some videos on removal and repair of the tcase.

Does it function in all modes?
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I worked on a 96 1/2 ton dodge transfer case. When I opened it up I found a bent/broken shift fork.

It was easy and strait forward to repair.
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This is my son's truck, high and low ranges are working, but the clanking noise is only noticeable in low range, forward or reverse and it's on the loud side. Cant imagine a chain making that kind of noise, but maybe. This the second used trans-case he put in, but the good news is he has almost 400,000, mi. on it.
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Take it out and apart to have a look see. Might be an easy fix, ya never know.
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I don't know much about Dodge trucks but if you ever need anything done on a diesel truck, a guy just opened a shop in Norridgewock and he is the best all around diesel mechanic I have dealt with. He made my F-350 7.3 with 375K miles on it run like a new truck and there are many other people with praise for this guy.