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Nov 3, 2016
Newton County, Texas
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I have a cheap OBD2 reader for my diy projects. It works great on my normal vehicles and even reads several items on my Mahindra 1538 rpm,temps, load percentage ect. My question is has anyone found a decently price code reader for off road engines. I’ve done my normal research and found several but all I’ve found so far are geared for large shops. The two common things on their websites are no price and (we have financing for up to 72 months) tell me these are way way out of my price range.
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From what I've read, every manufacturer has their own specific codes so you'd need one programmed for that brand. My tractor isn't new enough to have an ECU, so no port on it...are they standardized like they are in autos?

Unless and until our favorite uncle steps in an mandates standards I think you're SOL on finding an affordable scan tool.
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With unique codes, plugs, wire locations, we are far from having a standardized reader. Too bad too.
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My automotive code reader works on my 1538 Mahindra ; it just only reads a few of the available information points. I was just hoping someone had stumbled across the magic reader for off road engines that wasn’t thousands of dollars. I also have a older tractor the only thing electrical is the starter and fuel shutoff solenoid. Much easier to work on and fix. My plug in port is just dangling on the end of a wire harness hard to find unless you have a idea of what it looks like.
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Unfortunately the emissions regs for off road engines don't require OBD2. If a manufacturer implements it they can support whatever they want. For example my Branson has a "data recorder" which is pretty limited in function but has an OBD2 port for the factory tool to download the data. I can't get anything off it with the OBD2 readers I have. They might have used the OBD2 plug and a commercially available chip but put in firmware that implements manufacturer specific commands.