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Apr 16, 2001
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New Holland 1920
My 22 year old NH 1920 with 670 hours has been stuck since 2015. The tractor was stored outdoors for the majority of it's life. I have been using it in low range for the past 7 years. Finally towed it to an independent shop where they split the tractor and here is what they found: Estimate is $1200-1400 for a replacement. Bill C


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I'm assuming that the price includes a new clutch plate and pressure plate, but the disc looks fine.
The pressure plate is rusty, but could be cleaned and the links lubed
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If you seldom use the tractor get a block of wood and make it so the clutch peddle is pressed down as the tractor sets. Some tractors have a clip that you can hook to the clutch peddle for that purpose. This will help to keep the pressure plate free of the flywheel.
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from manual


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Just an update, total price came to $2869 which included a full service (hydraulic fluid + filter, Oil and filter, repair leaking fuel return line and new filter, lubricate all linkages. Labor was $1250 (16.66 hours @ $75.00/hour). The shaft for the clutch was replaced also. Tractor is now stored in a barn with concrete floor and I will block it with the factory wooden block. Bill C