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Ok, I got curious and went and looked myself.

The article does a good job of describing the smallest modern Yanmar but to me it looks like it was written by a website editor who hopes Yanmar will pay him some advertising dollars, instead of someone who has experience operating equipment like this. 'Beefed up garden tractor" ??? It looks to me to be more of an equivalent to a Kubota BX - a very small real tractor.
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Are the black and yellow the new Yanmar colors going forward or just the Cub Cadet re-labels left over?
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the yellow/black is all I have seen in any of their pro mo's. If they would go to the old Yanmar red I would buy one. :D
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That is still an impressive little tractor beats about anything I have seen in green or red (MTD) but I admit I dont know that much about the market either.