New XR4155HC on its way!

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Congrats! Should be an absolute "Beast"! Beware of the Stupid Grin on your face after delivery, people will begin to think you are deranged. It is only Tractor Joy.
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Ol Blue arrived on Saturday, stupid grin on my face for the couple hours I got to know her, before heading back to my real job. Back in the saddle on the 4th for a week, the Mrs got to know her also.
Need a lil help to post some pics please, not seeing a tab or the likes to upload them.
Have a safe 4th everyone n GBA🇺🇸
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Speaking of beast-my XR4155 with new grapple installed Image1530622503.572530.jpg-kind of intimidating
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Thanks was glad to finally get it-first one was ‘lost in transit’-I have a hard time fathoming how you misplace a 700#, 6’x2’x2’ vicious looking chunk of steel!

Manufacturer was great and got a replacement out to me in less than a week.

Looking forward to getting the hydraulics hooked up-of course the grapple is 1/2” 16028 skid steer quick disconnects and my third function is 3/8” 7241-1B-so gotta do some coupling conversion!
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Here's the latest on the LS4155HC for those that may be researching LS Tractors. I took the listed paint code to the local Sherwin Wiliams store and had them mix up a quart to see how well it matched my tractor. Here are the results after drying for 24hrs. You can pan the chip around and depending on the light it will be lighter, just right or darker than the tractor. Looks like the perfect match to me.

Here's the paint code.

As time permits I am going to start painting the implements that I have been getting off craigslist to match my LS Tractor.
Can you list that paint code again as it is no longer showing.
   / New XR4155HC on its way!
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Just now saw your post about the paint.

Thanks for re-posting that up George.(y)