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Jul 29, 2013
Sacramento, California
Kubota B21
I got this 18ft 10k Big Tex equipment trailer yesterday. It replaces the 20ft 14k PJ that I traded off a while back. I wanted a trailer that would fit into the garage if need be, it is a few inches shorter than the 23.5ft garage. Also this trailer meets California's restrictive limit on what you can pull without a CDL, that is, 10k max rating for a working (non-RV) trailer.

I got the Big Tex instead of a Load Trail or PJ because of the "mega ramp" option. The full width ramps make it easy to load equipment and cars of various widths, and also fold flat on the dovetail for long loads such as lumber.

I found a few things needed to be fixed. When I got home after a 40 mile drive on back roads, one of the hubs was too hot. This morning I checked the preload, it was too tight, so that was also easily fixed. I checked the other three hubs too, they were OK. Brake adjustment and grease OK too. On the fourth wheel, when I shook the tire to feel the preload, the whole axle moved in my hands. The spring mount u-bolts were loose, about finger tight. I checked the other three spring mounts, all the other u-bolts were also loose. After that I checked everything I could find, no other problems except wiring hanging down in several places, easily fixed with zip ties.

None of this was a big problem but I was surprised anyway.

Meant to mention: the owner's manual has a discussion of LT and ST tires. It says LT can be used on either light trucks or trailers, and ST can only be used on trailers. This topic comes up regularly here, I thought that was interesting.


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Yep I think so too.

I don't know where the responsibility for the various problems is. Supplier, manufacturer, or dealer. But I am pretty sure it is not supposed to be the buyer.
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Nice! I really those loading ramps.
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Those ramps are h*ll-for-stout. With the 18' bed length, is that including the ramp section in the length? Not sure what attachments you'll have on when you load your tractor, but my 6 ft rotary mower sticks off the back of my 18' deck trailer with the FEL and bucket on.


(And I know I don't have the chains and binders on in the pic, just put it up there and hadn't chained anything down yet).
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15' wood deck and 3' diamond plate ramp. The main thing is, it is small enough to fit into the garage of the Sacramento place while big enough for the B21 with loader and backhoe. A compromise.

Below is a photo of the first load, redwood and treated doug fir for the new deck. I hauled it 200 miles today from Sacramento to the north coast.

On the plus side, it towed well, braked well, and the hubs and tires stayed cool. On the other side, when I stopped here to check the straps, I found that one of the 3 ft long ramp hinge pins had lost a retaining bolt and then worked out to the side ready to drop onto the road. Geez.

I've eyeballed every weld, underneath and above, all are perfect to my eye. But anything with threads on it seems like was just sort of thrown together. Not impressed with Big Tex attention to detail.


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I have a 20' Big Tex 10-ET. I have no issues with the trailer so far. Maybe it's the dealer? Mine is a very nice handling trailer. You have to have a CDL if you go past 10K in California? Those people seem to like rules.
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I have a 20' Big Tex 10-ET. I have no issues with the trailer so far. Maybe it's the dealer? Mine is a very nice handling trailer. You have to have a CDL if you go past 10K in California? Those people seem to like rules.

Ya, they are working on a plan to limit how much air a person can breath too.:confused3::laughing:

Nice trailer to the OP.
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I am really happy with the trailer, what was loose not that big a deal in the overall scheme. Probably an over extended dealership. When I was at the dealership they must have had 200 trailers in stock, they were selling a couple other trailers at the same time, phone calls coming in all the time, and there were just two guys in the shop pulling the trailers and doing the make-readies and other mechanical chores.

In CA you can pull an RV as big as a house but a working man's trailer is limited to 10k. I read somewhere that the legislature passes about 4000 new laws every year! But we had to move here from Virginia to support my wife's old Dad who is now 96.