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Jul 16, 2014
Guin, AL
2014 Kubota L3200 DT w/LA524 FEL, Loaded rear tires, LP RCR 1860 5' Cutter, LP RTA 1258 5' Tiller, LP PFL 2042 Pallet Forks w/60" Extensions, KK BB60 Box Blade, KK PHD-12" Post Hole Digger
To the TBN forum Ricky. We are glad that you joined.

You didn't specify which JD that you have.
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Hi Ricky. Welcome to the TBN forum! :tractor: :welcome:
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Ha... funny... Who are you all talking to??!!?! :D

Wellllll.... Obviously someone (OP) was outed as a spammer.

Usually I can spot and report them but I gave this one the benefit of doubt. More posts towards the 5M mark and my Grand Prize of the mythical TBN mug & ballcap!
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Yea, that's why I deleted my post... trying to delay until April... :mur:

And yes, I'll delete this one in a few hours :D

I don't know if you're deleting has any effect... your previous posting in this thread 'lives on' when I quoted you (see #5). :dance1: