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Apr 10, 2014
Perry Cty, Pennsylvania
Kioti 2014 CK2510 TLB
I've been reading the forums for awhile while researching a new (first) compact tractor/l/h. Any recommendations are appreciated. I'm a real newbie. Thanks
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What tasks will you use your tractor for?

How much land will you work?

What prior tractor experience, if any, have you had?

What is your soil?

Interested in new or used? Budget for tractor?

Post these answers and we can get started.
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I'm using it for landscaping, retaining walls and drainage at this time. We're very rocky in North Jersey and right now I have 2 acres but looking to relocate to Pennsylvania with a 5-15 acre site (still rocky terrain). I've used FEL and Hoes a little. I was looking for used but there is little available her. So I stopped in at the local Kioti dealer and the specs on the compact machines seem strong. I'm thinking of the CK20s or CK 2510 both in HST. Comparable to Kubota B2320 or NH Boomer 20 or Mahindra Max series. But Kioti has better numbers.

He quoted $19,500 for CK20s and $20,500 for the CK2510. Used I was hoping to spend about $12,500-14,000
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CK2510 would meet your needs very well. The first tractor I bought was a Kubota B3300SU which is similar in specs but included an FEL in the package.

For the tasks you have outlined you will want the KL2510 FEL. An FEL is the single most useful tractor option, ESPECIALLY when you have rocks to deal with. Consider the FEL a power wheelbarrow. In order to pick up loads with the FEL you will need a counterbalance on the three-point-hitch. The most common counterbalance/ballast is a Box Blade but any heavy implement will do.

The CK2510 has 13" ground clearance which means you can get into the woods and lift implements such as a Disc Harrow and Rotary Cutter/Bush Hog high enough to cross uneven ground.

This tractor will be useful to you both in NJ and at a larger property in PA.
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I've seen some people discuss filling the rear tires, I guess both for ballast and tracrion. Is this some thing you can do yourself at home? Or does it require dealer service? And in the notheast freezing is a concern.

Box blades are readily available at tractor supply.
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Filling the rear tires is a counterbalance to a Front End Loader, so when you pick up a moderate to heavy load the FEL bucket and load will lift, rather than the rear wheels. However, filled tires to not relieve the strain on the front axle. Ballast on the 3-Pt. does relieve front axle strain.

If you have a 2-WD drive tractor, unusual these days, you may want to fill the rear tires for additional traction when using ground contact implements mounted on the Three Point Hitch.

Dealer installed tire fills should always have an anti-freeze component.

Personally, I prefer to keep an implement on the 3-Pt and NOT load the tires in my part of Florida, where mud is never an issue.