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Oct 31, 2007
John Deere 4066R Cab and loader
I am purchasing a new snowblower for the winter and the sales man said that in October Deere will announce a new 50+" snowblower for the 2000 series. But product is not supposed to be available until fall of 2009. He said that he thinks it is going to be the same size as the 3000 series uses. He said Deere had complaints that the 47" wasn't wider than the tractor from customers.
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That's great! Hopefully they will come out with a wider blade also...the 54" one is a joke for the power the newer machines have.

FYI: The 3000 series uses a 59" blower.
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That is great news! I'm sure that both the narrow front blade, and snowblower have cost JD some sales. I know it was a factor in my buying decision.
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PCABE5 said:
He said Deere had complaints that the 47" wasn't wider than the tractor from customers.

KennyD said:
FYI: The 3000 series uses a 59" blower.

Between the fact that my 3520 is 60" wide and the 59" blower is apparently made of Solid Gold (Maybe Copper these days :p ) according to the asking price. I just bought a shiny new 74" Blizzard for less then 1/2 of what deere was asking for their puny little 59" job... If the price were the same and it was a 72" Blower, then yeah I woulda at least given it some thought....
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Kenny I would agree that the 54" blade is too small for these tractors.

Spudland nice blower but for my use I want one on the front and not on the back. Just my preference.
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PCABE5 said:
...but for my use I want one on the front and not on the back. Just my preference. have a point...I've always just been used to having a Rear Mount blower and a Blade or Snow Bucket out front...It allows me to backdrag snow away from the buildings and such so I literally have NO manual shoveling to do other then the steps to the house...
Front or rear though, I dont think a 60" Blower on a 3x20 machine is acceptable...I'd say a 70" would be MINIMUM...
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Wonder if it will crack the 5K price tag too? The reason I passed on the 47" was the cost, (3K) The 59" woulld have been nice but it's not an option. (not to mention it's north of $4K for everything to mount it)

So I went with a Curtis loader-plow for last winter and I picked up a hardly used 60" Meteor this summer. I figure I have just about any snow situation covered.

It ended up costing me about the same for both pieces as going with just the Deere front blower and hyd lift.

My 2 cents

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Don't be too scared by the 47" blower. I found a used 47" blower for my 2210 last winter, and it was like I found my tractors soulmate! We got hammered with snow and I was covered in snow and smiling all season. Once you get a front mount blower, you'll know you've got the right tool for the job at hand.

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I plan on getting the 47" for this winter, the sales guy told me $2300-2500 for the blower and shafts. They are getting a used one in that will be $1000 with blower and shafts. Should be quicker than the loader and easier for the wife on days she has to clear the drive. I will have to look into the rear blade as well for clearing up close to the garage doors

Only thing is that the person hit a manhole cover with the used one and bent the wear bar/tunnel. They will replace the wear bar and straighten it out as best they can but I will have to see this one first as this kind of scares me into thinking that it was more than abused. I don't know how you hit a manhole cover and bend up the bottom.
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The blowers are built pretty well. Last year I ran over a dog chain I'd forgot about. The chain wrapped around the auger until it finally got wedged against the side of the unit and popped the auger right out from the blower before the shear pin could break.

It was a little more work than I wanted to do, but the auger actually went back in pretty easily, didn't need any new parts and didn't miss a beat.

I'd imagine you'd have to be going pretty fast to bend the scraper. If the auger turns w/o interference, you'll probably be in good shape. Depending on condition I'd think about welding some reinforcement on the back side of the blower to prevent any future bending in the same spot. Even taking it to the wrlding shop and buying a can of spray paint you'd stil be money ahead on that unit.