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May 31, 2011
La Grange, CA
Been a while since I've been online. I lost my "wannabe" status in 2016. That's when I also lost the computer I use to use for my login to the site. It's taken me this long to remember what the password was. I tried the password reset a bunch of times but never got any reply from that.

Anyway suggestions are welcome for a new logon handle.
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Welcome back WBR. Maybe base handle on you career, family or dogs?
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Your tractor name.
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Regarding my 'name', I went with my favourite animal/bird/critter...

In my case it's a bird, a "Willie Wagtail".
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I'm only replying because I like an interesting challenge ... I raise chickens on a hobby farm, so I've used this "handle" for years.

Nicknames are good, something of interest, hobby etc also good. I have to write it all down with password, because there are several sites that I am a member of, each with there own sign-ins. Have fun with it.
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Looks like they changed it for me. Now I'm Hughman. Can you guess why?
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Maybe something to do with your pug, nickname for him
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Welcome back!
I think the name works :cool: