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Nov 24, 2012
Near Johannesburg MI but in the middle of nowhere
2019 LS XR4140 HST Cab; 2020 Kawasaki Mule SX; 2021 Bad Boy 54" ZT Elite
Getting close.

The JD dealer closest to me is a joke and they think they have the best tractors in the world. Way overpriced.

The Kubota dealer, is better, but prices are also steep. Plus they want to charge $300 to pick up and return the tractor for warranty or maintenance work. 50 miles each way.

The Mahindra dealer does not seem too interested in selling me something.

Left with two choices....the New Holland dealer is droping off a Boomer 40 cab HS for the weekend so we can test it out. And the other option is the LS 4140 Cab HS. Both are farther away than the other dealers but offer free pick up/delivery during the warranty period. The LS has the Boomer beat on FEL and 3pt lift capacities. New Holland has 0% fiancing and offered me $3k more for my trade. But I really like the added weight and better lift capacities of the 4140.

Any last words from you guys before I decide?
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Same tractor, different shade of blue, different loader. My son was shopping NH and LS, the NH was 5000.00 more than the LS. The LS loader lifts more but not as high as the boomer, has to do with the geometry of the loaders. He didn't like how far out front the loader sticks out on the boomer, and he didn't need the additional lift height of the NH. He wound up buying an XR4155 from a dealer in central northern MI. He has about 45 hours on it now and loves it.

I could be wrong but I think the warranty on the LS is longer.
3000 more on the trade sounds good, unless the tractor is 5000 more ( 2000 more actual cost ) check the out the door price.

Make sure the Boomer has all the goodies that are standard on the LS.
I think you will be very pleased with either one, these are very nice tractors.

Enjoy your upgrade from the 855, happy tractoring!

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The LS 4140 is about the same out the door price as the Boomer 40. Difference of less than $700. But the LS is almost 900 lbs heavier and has about 50% more FEL and 3pt lift capacity. It seems like a heck of a buy. To good to be true?????

Seen some horror stories on YouTube with LS....but the Boomer is basically an LS. The YT reviews were by folks that seemed "a bit off" if you know what I mean. On the plus side, it was apparent LS provided good support even if some of the issues may have been operator induced.

One last item. One of the Kubota dealers also sells NH. He told me not to get a NH as they have electrical problems (which I have not heard of before). He has four times as many orange tractors as blue.
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I believe the Boomer is of the same assembly plant line as the LS. Just be sure you are looking at equivalent tractor sizes. I see no reason to get a NH unless the dealer is much better.

I would not listen to the dealer on the NH vs Kubota...probably just trying to steer you in a direction more favorable to them.

You can find horror stories with any brand. Some have more than others, but many on these forums are happy with their LS machines. You might also look for quotes from Messicks and Barlows. No they arent local, but you may be surprised at what they can offer.
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Isn't the LS and NH basically the same in the subcompact and compact range?
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The Boomer demo was delivered yesterday. Sweet machine.

I had problems getting the forks into and out of pallets staged on the ground or on dollies. Very difficult to see, and the loader controls seemed jerky and not very smooth...but that may be my inexperience.

My concept of putting cutdown pallets of firewood on dollies in the garage may not work. Once the pallet is on the dollies, if the forks touch the pallet at all, the load rolls as the forks are pulled back. Finally gave up after making a mess. May wind up putting pallets on the floor and pushing them forward with the tips of the forks and a 2x4 for the forks to push against. (Cannot drive into the attached garage due to lack of clearance so pallets must be dropped just inside.) That results in having to get on and off the tractor to lay the 2x4 down, which is not a big deal, but the pallets get staged in front of the garage opening and they cannot be moved out of the way...a bigger issue. I could use a pallet jack but was hoping to avoid that.