My dog had a stroke yesterday

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Apr 12, 2011
Yesterday morning, about 15 seconds after I walked out the door for work. My wife heard a bang on the other side of the door and found my 10 year old Weim on the floor having what looked like a seizure. I picked him up an rushed him to the vet where they gave him a shot to. Relax him so we could travel 20 miles to a better equipped hospital. He was still very disorientated and legs were flailing while the brought him to the ICU for more treatment. We visited him last night and he was alert and aware who we were but could not stand. This afternoon I visited again and he looks much better but still does not have the ability to stand on his own. He is being helped to walk by a sling and 2 vets guiding him. He has always been a very healthy fog,not overweight and only eats fog food, no people food. Has anyone else had anything like this happen? The thought of loosing him brings tears to my eyes.
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I wish you the best for your dog. I have not had that happen but I can understand.
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I wish you both the best as well. I've never shed a tear at the loss of a close relative but, cried like a baby when I had to have my dog put down.
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I wish the best for your friend. This comes from the very bottom of my Heart and Soul.
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So sorry to hear this, I wish y'all the best.
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I still miss my Cat so many years later. I had her for twenty one years.

Animals can't talk and this makes these situations all the more painfull.
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Yes I have but can't do the details on the smart phone. Will post later or PM with details but stoke was side effect of another surgery so a different direct cause.
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Sad to hear...sure hope your dog recovers...

...on a side note a neighbor had a Golden that loved to chase sticks or anything someone would throw for him...(the owners) Being in construction the dog was often exposed to construction sites and would often grab drops when a carpenter was cutting lumber off horses any rate...the dog would grab a block of wood and would chew on it...unfortunately a lot of those drops were treated lumber...later in the dogs life it began having seizures that were 99% attributed to the toxins in the treated lumber...FWIW...
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I am so sorry to hear about your dog this isnt easy to go thru
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I'm sorry to hear about your buddy..This happened to our Husky-Shepherd and a cat (that we believe was due to inner ear surgery). Nothing I can say makes it any easier...My hope is that there is a full recovery.