Mt 357 instrument panel froze

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Oct 11, 2016
Augusta mi
mm m5, z, McCormick ct 41 hsv
I have a 2021 Mt 357hsc , 40 hrs, I love it so far.
Yesterday, while moving some firewood, the instrument panel froze, like none of the guages or hour meter would move. All other functions of the tractor were fine, lights, wipers , radio heat etc. Just no guages. Even when I shut the tractor off , the instrument panel didn't shut down. Ended up pulling the fuse to the controller, everything went back to normal. Just curious if anyone else has expirenced this?
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I had my 2014 G3033H give me blinking numbers on my dash panel a few times over the years (not an error message) . It would not go away even when shut off . Everything else worked fine .I unhooked the battery for a few minutes and reconnected it. Back to normal. I chalked it up to computer chips not being perfect !
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Haven't had that issue. Hopefully it won't return for you.
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Not on my MT225. It must of been a computer glitch & hopefully not again.
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I got a new MT357 shuttle cab last year and have had no problems w/100 hrs of use.