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Tracks to the wall 🍻
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… also some models that offer convertible controls* that can replicate tractor like digging controls. …

*saves learning times and helps safety by preventing false moves under pressure.

Most makes and models made in the last 20 years have either a manual valve or an electronic valve that changes from backhoe to excavator controls. Some (mainly older) models may require switching a couple of hoses.
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Can you define “right up next” to the foundation? 1 inch? 6 inches?

How much room do you have behind the foundation? I can dig about 3 inches from a foundation with my backhoe, provided there isn’t anything behind it (for the rest of the tractor to hit).

You wont need a mini-ex to dump, just come in at say a 30 degree angle, leaving 60 degrees to dump. Unless I am missing the setup.

Close enough to not require "a lot" of hand shovel work to get a look at the foundation. That is not an actual requirement I guess, need to get close to the footing to lay stone and pipe.

The BH may be able to do the job, coming at an angle as suggested. Probably the best thing, money wise.