Mini-Ex Blade track digger (poor-man's tilt-blade)

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Apr 21, 2012
Cascade Mtns of WA state
Kubota B-series & Mini Excavator
Mini-Ex Blade manual TILT-blade device

Kubota KX41 3800 lb mini-excavator.

It has a one-way blade, simply goes up & down.
Sometimes I need to cut a level track across a hillside.
Or level a roadway.
Also as spill comes down the bank the track rides ontop of it, lifting the uphill track and angles the machine the wrong way downhill.

I built this simple device that makes a deeper cut - for the uphill track - thus angling the machine and the blade a little into the uphill side.
It also helps with the spill that the track rides up on.


It simply hangs on the blade.
You align it with the track.
It fits equally on the left or right.


Four pegs on the bottom keep it from unhooking off the top.


Underside view.
The pegs are round for a reason.
It seems to work.


Welded of 3/8 steel.


And there's a perfect place to hang it on the machine!

I've been running an KX040 for the last week, it's gonna be hard going back this this manual tilt-blade scheme.
But it's so helpful!


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Re: Blade track digger (poor-man's tilt-blade)

I love it. So simple.
hugs, Brandi
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Excellent idea. You need to sell that to Kubota...
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That's a nice idea. Make sure it dosnt twist your blade.