MF 135 fine tuning lift controls conundrum

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Oct 30, 2019
Massey Ferguson 135
Hello everybody-I have had several issues over the years with my three point hitch on my 1970 135 diesel with no pressure control in the hydraulic system.
I have opted to rebuild it completely this winter and upon attempting final by the book adjustments I have run into an issue with setting up the internal linkages.
Two manuals state that you are to prop the rock shaft up on a special block (I have used a 3/8" bolt per advice out there)
place the draft control in between two points on the guide decal and set the lift control to the very top (constant pumping)
Then while pulling back on the vertical control lever with 3 lbs of force turn the adjusting bolt until you can pass a .002" feeler gauge through the gap between the damper and the vertical control shaft.
This is not possible on my unit. No matter what I do the pressure from the return springs on the guide pins requires 10 plus lbs to pull back the vertical actuator in any but the most extremely over adjusted positions.
It all works perfectly, however, if i put a cotter key through the hole in the guide pin so that the spring is partially collapsed. In manual no picture or drawing is this done, nor online.
Everything looks right, what can I be missing?
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You have to put a small vise grip or spacer on dash pot rod so it stays extended pull cotter pins will need to lift arms a little more also
Center the position and draft control plates also looks like they are from pic you can fine tune a little with that after cover is on
And then make sure it does not go into constant pump when installed
Arms should be 1/4 in from tip if stroke check relief while you have cover off and clean screen on pump
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Also make sure your arm bushings are not worn out will effect operation
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Arm bushes are pretty worn, that is a good point-lifting them does help a lot. If they are walked back they will not let the ramp push against the other side. Thank you.
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also on the draft control adjustment
Screw measurement against back of cover make some it just touches don't use book measure
That way if you are backing up it will lift notated what pretty
Much eliminating draft