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Jul 12, 2023
MF 100
I have an old MF 100 serial 1140-104983 Massey Ferguson front end loader. I have been trying to find out what year it was made to get a value on the tractor if anyone is able to help me please.
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I believe you have a #100 loader mounted on an unknown (yet) tractor. The 100 loader was mounted on a lot of different model tractors, from ag tractors to industrial tractors.
Check for a tag around the dash or just below the dash on the vertical part
Go to and check the model 35, and 135. Check the industrial models 202, 203, 204, 205, and 2244, 2135.. Might get close to IDing the tractor.

Massey always used separate tractor, loader, and backhoe models to make up the TBL's and TL's They did not have a "package" model.

Also may help to go at where you can look up the 100 loader and see what it could be mounted on.
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Some pictures would help us help you too.