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Jun 4, 2024
massey ferguson 285?
Can someone please tell me what this tag means on my radiator 532540M91? I bought this tractor and it needs a new radiator but that number does not seem to exist. I am still trying to figure out the size of the tractor because the serial number tag is missing.
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Is obsolete it changes to m93
What engine does your tractor have
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If it's an older copper-brass rad, have a rad shop recore it and the tanks as well. You don't want to know what a new one costs even if you can get one.
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Thanks for the response. It is an older copper-brass radiator. I am not currently near the tractor so I cannot see what engine it has. As soon as I get the info on the engine I will post it.
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You were right, the radiator almost cost as much as the tractor!
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Part number points to mf285
Should have 4 cylinder Perkins 318
Had a line on one but you took care of it