Man it's hot here!

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It's 92 F already this morning with the humidity at 82%. Feels like walking into a wall when you go out.
   / Man it's hot here!
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heat index 101
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AH the warmth of Summer and the Humidity to go with it!
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heat index 101

Went to Nashville last summer to vist friends for a week. I was very surprised that it was so hot and humid there. Expected some very moderate temps and much less humidity.

It's been really humid in Texas lately. I walked out to pick up the paper and sweated down a shirt.

Got to stay out of the AC so much. Once I get used to it I can take it. Just have been forced to work inside too much lately.

I 'll be in West Texas around the Permian Basin in July. That's really fun. :eek:
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We are getting it here in Georgia also. Had a job yesterday, construction, and knew it was going to be a bad day when I was sweating at 5:30 a.m. while loading the van.

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It got all the way up to 68 here yesterday... this AM it's just 60 now. Humidity's also up, but not so bad with the cool temps.:D Still have to wear a coat or sweatshirt when riding a motorcycle! :eek:

Supposed to get sunny again --sometime-- Oh, well- still prefer it up here- I don't think I'd ever get used to the high temps & humidity you folks deal with every summer!
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Showing 100 on the outdoor therometer right now, but it's a wet heat!!:eek:
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Only 97 here, but supposed to go to 102 later today.:(