Making some smoked salmon chowder

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Jun 11, 2003
Denton, TX
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It's a nice lazy relaxing day before Christmas, so I decided to smoke some salmon and make some chowder. I found salmon fillets on sale yesterday, so I'm making a double batch and will freeze some. The fillets are on the smoker now, while I sip a cold beer.

I love a good smoked salmon chowder.

I found some frozen lobster meat on sale too, so I'm making a lobster casserole for Christmas day.

Life is good!
   / Making some smoked salmon chowder
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Just finished making it and putting in vac/freezer bags. Man is it good!! The wife is making a green bean casserole and cooking a spiral ham too. Our kitchen smells incredible right now!!

My cheapo vac/sealer died in the process of bagging. Time to look for a new one. Any suggestions?
   / Making some smoked salmon chowder
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The salmon chowder came out great. I made a double batch and froze some, shared some with the neighbors for Christmas.

I made lobster casserole for dinner today. It was a dish my mom always made for special occasions. She's still with us, but she's not entirely sure what her recipe was. I went off memory and made it to the best of mine/her knowledge. I think we got it close, but just as importantly, I think we both figured out what it was missing and revision 2 should be perfect. I'll post the recipe here when we have it perfected. It's truly an heirloom dish and one I'd love to share when I have it right.

Merry Christmas y'all!