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Feb 11, 2022
Mahindra Max 26xl
I have a max 26xl. It is a 2015 model year that I bought 5 years ago with 50 hrs on it. It has just shy of 300 hrs now. Original Exide battery just died. I replaced the battery and bought a new alternator because the original alt charged at 15 volts which caused the terminals and hold down hardware to corrode due to overheating the battery.

My replacement alt also charges at 15 volts. The original alt is a Mitsubishi A7T02071C. Is there someone who has a mahindra max or the same type alt that can measure charging voltage and let me know the reading?

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Welcome to TBN. I don't have a Mahindra but the normal charged battery voltage is about 12.6. The normal charge voltage is about 14.5. An alternator should be able to put out about seventeen volts and the voltage regulator drops that to 14.5. Fifteen is a mite high but shouldn't cause a problem. When a battery gets old it will frequently ooze some acid out and that will corrode things.
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Thanks for the welcome.
I probably should have mentioned that the corrosion has been an ongoing problem and not something I just discovered. Electrolytes are definitely boiling from the battery. I've had to replace the positive battery terminals twice and treat metal pitting from corrosion.

I was hoping a new alt with a different internal regulator would have given me closer to 14 volts when charging.