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Nov 3, 2016
Newton County, Texas
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My wife has a 1538 Mahindra which has been getting hard to start, as in starter running for long time before engine runs. I first thought it was preheat but ruled that out with test meter. I saw a diesel drip and the fuel gauge graph was flashing. I tried the primer pump one morning on a cold start and the engine started slightly faster. I surmised the diesel filter/or system pressure was bleeding down and the long crank times were building feed pressure for injector pump. Ordered new filter,sensor and housing removed hood and installed new filter assembly. Now it cranks like a new tractor but level still flashing. Removed dash and found mouse damage to wiring with fuel gauge wire chewed completely into. Repaired wiring and put a supposedly mouse deterrent bag of chemicals,herbs and spices in dash. Barn cat not doing her job And she likes to sleep in tractor seat. I also want to sent a thank you to Bill’s Tractor fast delivery on filter. I had sent a email to Mahindra with a question an the flashing gauge no Answer. I had purchased a repair manual from Mahindra when we She purchased the tractor but until this happened I hadn’t looked at the fuel section, it was completely missing section 3000 of the repair manual was not even in there again no answer from Mahindra. I seems Mahindra would answer a question sent through their own website even it it was wrong person ask so and so department answer. Bills Tractor after me sending them a email and proof of my manual they emailed me a copy of the missing section.
Tractor cranks perfectly and all dash instruments currently working.


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Has it been progressively getting harder to start? I have a 1526 and it was the fuseable link that connects to the glow plug bar, giving power sometimes, you could see it was starting to melt a bit. My testing showed 12 volts on the bar. Replaced the fuseable link and she fired right up. Not sure if that's your problem but for $8 it's worth a shot
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You didn’t read the whole story. I fixed the problem I was just putting information out there for other owners for their use if needed. The last sentence said everything works now. But your suggestion is a good one I had already checked my preheat system.