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May 13, 2022
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Been looking for a 30-40hp 4wd tractor with fel, fairly heavy, that can turn a 6ft bushhog in thick grass, but narrow enough that 5ft implements are close to the outside of the tires, and as many modern creature comforts as possible.

XR4140 seems to meet those requirements. 62.5” wide so probably more like 65” with industrial tires.

2018 locally has 623 hours, and couple years factory warranty. 2 rear remotes. $19k

Is that price about right?

Nearest dealer is an hour away. How big a deal is that? I’ll do my own regular maintenance. Thanks
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You did not mention a price, But my neighbor has an xr4140 and loves it,
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Seems decent, just bought a 2018 XG3135 with BH and toothbar for 24500 at ~264 hours. Bought from a Green Dealer nearest LS dealer is well over an hour.
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I have the smaller one and love it to death! It has done so much more for me than I thought it could.
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I have the XR4145C. It handles thick brush and grass with the rotary mower like a champ. I also bought mine in 2018, but have a few hundred hours less. In todays market $19K is a steal, so long as there is nothing wrong with it and the maintenance has been done properly. In 2018 before all the madness, I bought my tractor with a Woods tiller and Woods box blade, for ~$34K. If was to sell the tractor now, just the tractor with all the upgrades and features I added, I'd ask $25-27K
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I have an XR4145 that I bought in 2015. With a loader, 6ft rotary cutter, backhoe, and loaded rear R1's, I paid $33k. It has roughly 470 hours on it now. I agree with Avenger, $25-$27k is a good asking price these days. As long as the one you are looking at has had the correct maintenance done, I wouldn't hesitate to pay $19k for it.

Just a note to address your width concern, You can swap the wheels side to side, and move the centers to narrow the track. I have mine set as far out as possible (I have some tippy trails in my woods), and I am ~6ft to the outside of the R1's.
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Nearest dealer is an hour away. How big a deal is that?

Assuming one hour = 40 miles, for you or the dealer to trailer the tractor for service will require two round trips, which is 4 X 40 mile segments = 160 miles.

The dealer's driver/mechanic will require at least 3-1/2 hours for service discussion, transportation plus loading, chaining and unloading.

Thirteen to fifteen gallons of fuel. Wear and tear on HD truck and HD trailer.

Commercial insurance for HD truck, HD trailer and your tractor.

If the dealer trailers your tractor expect to pay $450 - $500 for transport.
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My 2017 XR4140H has 900+ hrs with BH attachment. Pulls a Woods BBX72 bush hog.
I’ve done most maintenance myself. Dealer has done several repairs…I learned not to abuse the machine particularly the backhoe beyond its capability.
I’d buy again and take it easy on BH.
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Why do you want to use 5' implements that don't cover your tire tracks, though? Just get 6, or frankly 7' implements if you go with a 4140.