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Feb 22, 2016
MF gc1710, Cat 305C
So, I bought a New Massey 1710 a year ago this past weekend. However with building a cabin over the summer and fall, I have only put around 18 hours on the tractor. I will be, once again, taking it up to the cabin to continue my build and some tractor specific tasks. My problem I am having is, by the time I put 50 hours on the machine, it will be late summer to early fall. I just don't think I should go an entire year and a half on the factory oil. I am willing to let the hydraulic oil go until then, but the oil I want to change out.

So my question is, does Massey put any special break in additives in the oil that should be kept in there until the 50 hour mark? If there is nothing special in the oil, I may just switch it out to Rotella T6 and change it again at 50 hours. Anyone see any problems with this logic?
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The only one I have heard using any breakin oil was JD. I would change oil at least once a year no matter what the hours are. I am a Mobil 1 5w40 fan.
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I'm not sure any mfg uses break-in oil anymore.

I don't see anything wrong with changing the oil/filter ahead of time. I think the reasoning is solid.

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If your concerned get a Used Oil Analysis. "New" tractors often set on dealer lots for years with the factory oil and extremely low hours.
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Well, that settles it...the factory oil is getting dumped and some fresh is going in.

It's actually kinda embarrassing to know I only put 18 hours on a new tractor. However the task it did complete was critical. Foundation footings, so had to have it.
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If it doesn't look milky I would run it. Try to get it to 100 hrs. JD does In fact put break in oil in their tractors and it needs to stay for atleast 100 but not more than 500 hrs for my new tractor. If you add any, it needs to be it. Early oil change can lead to increase oil consumption. These aren't the 70-80s anymore and the oil can go much further. As long as there isn't condensation creating a mess, I'd run it

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You should always drain oil after a year, regardless of hours.

That being said, I personally don't do it.

Like most oil options, it's not going to change your life, either way.
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The factory oil is a bit weird looking to me. It's black like a diesel should be, but it's thin and has a translucent quality to it. That's why I thought Massey (Iseki) put in a break in oil in the crankcase.

I think for the small cost of an oil change, it will get some fresh oil for the spring/summer/fall season.
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I would run the oil till at least mid summer and get some hours on it. It won't kill anyone if you wait till mid summer and just in case there is break-in oil in there, you got a little more "break-in".

Right now, I bought a Kubota last fall that sat on the dealer's lot for a year and a half. I'm going to get 50 hours on by mid summer and then change it to dino 15W40 on the first change and synthetic after that. I used to change oil every year but now run synthetic and change every other year unless I get the hours on it. My stuff stays in a barn so no wide temp fluctuations and is rarely in the weather.