Lotsa crab for a wedding

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Jun 30, 2021
Whidbey Island, WA
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My son, 44 years old, decided to get married for the first time. The woman he was to marry was also doing so for the first time. They had known each other since they were teens. They asked me to officiate, so I had to get ordained. That was really special.
Since the wedding was gonna be kind of a big deal for our family we decided good food needed to be served for the rehearsal dinner and for the reception the next day. So we thought crab soup and crab cakes for the rehearsal dinner and crab cakes for the reception would be best. Almost everybody living around Puget Sound loves Dungeness crab. I certainly do.
We were gonna need a lot of crab so my son and I started crabbing seriously 5 days a week. We got a lot of crab. I cooked and cleaned all the crab and my wife did the hard work of getting the crab meat from the shells. She is meticulous and gets ALL of the meat in a crab. This takes a lot of work.
We ended up losing 6 crab pots. I have never lost so many pots. Bad weather it seems. We used 15 pounds of crab meat, which goes for 60 bucks a pound minimum right now. So we used 900 bucks worth of crab meat for the wedding. So I'm not gonna complain about losing those 6 crab pots. I just checked and we still have about 6 pounds of crab meat in the deep freeze. And I'm going crabbing Thursday, just to stock up.
The crab soup we had for the rehearsal dinner I made. It is really very good and is adapted from a recipe from a Fannie Farmer cookbook. Not low calorie but full of flavor. To make it correctly you must boil crab shells for the broth. If anybody is really interested I will post the recipe. It can be made from the broth from cooking clams if fresh crab shells are not available, but if you are catching and cleaning crabs then you have the shells. It also requires plenty of crab meat. Scrimping on the crab meat makes it kinda not worth it. It is a special soup. It is really a bisque since it uses a broth made from the shells.
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