Looking at a 2005 TC33DA

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Mar 30, 2022
NH TC33DA 2005
Great little tractor Ive seen in action a few times from the owner.
He mentioned Last summer he will be selling it once his project is done.
It has a FEL , forks, 6’ rake and a box blade.
I’m planning to use it to bush hog a few fields and to help move dirt, gravel, keep my steep driveway smooth, and to help with my firewood side gig.
Although the owner seems like a very honest guy and I’ve seen how he treats the tractor, he works it but doesent abuse it.
It’s really a nice machine and perfectly sized for my needs.
I think the price is very fair that he’s asking but I was just wondering what I should know to look for when I look it over.
I’m hoping it’s one of the models that doesent have $5000 control module issues.
I’d also like to know where the best places are to find used attachments and what attachments will work with the machine.
I’d love to get a back hoe attachment as well if possible.
I can pretty much fix anything so mechanical stuff is not an issue for me But this would be my first tractor ever although I worked on my father in laws farm driving his 2wd tractors for years.
Any suggestions would be great.
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Same tractor I have. Great little unit. Only issue I've had to deal with since I got mine in 2005 was a glow plug timer that went bad. Other than that, no problems to report. Just mowed a couple of acres with it today.
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Yeah I know auto motive much better than tractors but I have heard that alot of the newer tractors have way too many electronics for emissions and fuel injection most likely which are becoming too over engineered and expensive to fix
When they break which is why I’d much rather have an older
Model that wasn’t bogged down by the newer cafe standards.
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